Magicpharma team refined and further developed promising strategies to address market issues and exploit arising opportunities. Our core strategic directions share our dedication to delivering health through putting patient first .

A crystal clear strategy to success

1. Contract manufacturing

We primarily develop contract local manufacture for molecules either in sole or combination forms with established active ingredients in best manufacturing facilities in a way which comply strictly with GMP regulations and internationally applied high quality standards. This strategy will be concluded eventually by acquiring our own Magicpharma state of art facility soon our portfolio allows us to do so .

2. Importation of innovative pharmaceutical products

we will widen our scope to import innovative solutions to fulfill unmet patient needs and position Magicpharma as a reliable partner for multinational pharmaceutical companies.

3. Advanced marketing

We develop innovative marketing solutions aiming at putting patients at the core of all activities taking them all the way to commercialization and beyond by understanding patient specific journey and different moments of truth.

4. Best in class supply management

Magicpharma is a sister company for the fastest growing pharmaceutical wholesaler and distributor (Pharmaoverseas) widely infiltrating through out Egypt , hence ensuring “ distribution excellence”of our products

Pharmaoverseas with its 20 years experience and technology based services will guarantee adequate supply to patient whenever and wherever needed.