At Magicpharma we take our responsibility to patients, healthcare professionals and shareholders very seriously and we are committed to fostering a company culture that supports conducting business in a compliant and ethical manner ..

Compliance and ethics are part of our company DNA

1. Scope of application

Code of Conduct applies to all employees of Magicpharma as well as assigned co-partners

2. Compliance with the law

Employees must adhere to laws and regulatory provisions governing all jurisdictions in which Magicpharma operate. They must be familiar with the laws and regulations that apply to their activities ( GPP,GDP). Management is required to provide all necessary information, training and instruction for employees to follow .

3. Protection of company information and health, safety of patients

Employees must follow all precautionary measures for the protection of company/ brands information and assets .They have to ascertain that patient and health care professionals provided information are never endangered.

4. Fair treatment of employees

Employees should interact with respect and common courtesy. This does not tolerate any discrimination, particularly over race, religion, age, nationality and sex.

5. Conflicts of interest

The employees are not entitled to pursue interests conflicting with those of the company and should avoid situations that would entice them to favor personal interests over those of the company. Existing conflicts of interest must be resolved without disadvantage of the company.