About us

Established in 2012 as privately owned company. In 2015, magicpharma launched a new complementary portfolio vision through integration with giant companies in both Europe and USA international markets.

magicpharma ماچيك ڤارما - Our Story

Our Story

The company with the highest potential in the egyptian pharma market With a solid ideology, yet brilliant diversified minds and practical approaches, magicpharma is committed to improve, support the population’s general wellness, and treat the most challenging chronic diseases. Diversified business models concerned with commercialization of products is developed in a highly integrated way. Across our operation areas, people agree that they extremely happy with the services magicpharma provides and the impact that we have made on our clients lives.

magicpharma ماچيك ڤارما - Vision


Since we started our operations in magicpharma in 2015, we have been working across multiple disciplines to provide healthcare coverage and to improve patients' lives. We are committed to create an added value for patients who are at the center of our activities. We do this with dedication and passion and this is how we link between 'Delivering Health services' and 'Putting Patient First' principle.

magicpharma ماچيك ڤارما - Mission


Our Mission is to serve and care. magicpharma aims to meet all healthcare needs by preventing, treating and curing different diseases in order to enhance wellness and deliver quality health solutions to people through embracing technology to scale up reach and access.